The tax resolution process can be summarized into 3 “tiers”. They are, in order – Discovery, analysis & evaluation; Compliance; Resolution. Our entire process is very transparent with complete upfront pricing. We provide a price list for the first 2 “tiers” of tax resolution services below. Upon you completing our instant quote form below, we will provide our recommendations and guaranteed pricing to service the 3rd and final tier of your case.

The First Step in Tax Resolution

As previously mentioned, tier one is the “Discovery, Analysis & Evaluation” phase of the resolution process. During this stage we will obtain Power of Attorney to contact the IRS on your behalf and determine the extent and nature of IRS collection action taken or about to be taken. We then formulate a plan of action based upon an analysis of your financial information. We review your current financial situation and propose solutions that you would realistically qualify for. We do not make empty promises. The IRS is the most powerful collections agency on the planet. They don’t even need a court order to seize your assets. Therefore, you need to understand that the IRS will not forgive tax debt without first being presented a reasonable basis to do so.

As part of our service, you will receive a Tax Compliance Status Report and a Plan of Action Report (if applicable). We will also request the IRS to provide a 60 day hold on collection activity to allow you to become compliant. We find that our $600 fee is a bargain compared to the tax and penalty saving opportunities that we uncover.

Common issues we uncover during investigation:

a) Missing or unfiled tax returns
b) Tax liabilities with substantial penalties which we can abated
c) Taxes wrongfully assessed by the IRS which you aren’t obligated to pay
d) Missed tax deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability
e) Hardship exemptions legally available to you
f) Errors made by a previous tax preparer

Tier One Fees: $600

Many of the national tax resolution firms make claims that they can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. However, the IRS has very clear criteria that needs to be met to obtain such a settlement. How can these companies make these claims without even knowing anything about your finances or the nature of your tax trouble?

Bringing You into Tax Compliance

Tier Two is the “Compliance” phase. From our Plan of Action report in Tier One we highlight any outstanding tax returns that need to be filed for you to become compliant. The fees for Tier Two will be dependent upon the scope of work required in the Plan of Action report from Tier One. Typical items include filing past due or missing tax returns and amending any incorrect tax returns previously filed. Your specific situation will dictate whether or not you need this tier of the tax resolution process.

Should you need to file any outstanding returns, the typical processing time by the IRS is 8-10 weeks. We will once again request the IRS to provide a 60 day hold on collection activity to allow time for processing.

Tier Two Fees: Varies (see below)*

Pricing for individual tax returns are listed below:

Federal 1040 with New York State & Local Income Tax Return Fee: $350/Year; Additional States: $50/state

Pricing for Business tax returns is listed below:

Payroll Forms (940, 941, W-2/W-3): $100/form
Partnership/Corporate Tax Return (Revenue < $250,000): $650/Year
Partnership/Corporate Tax Return (Revenue $250,000 – $1M): $850/Year
Partnership/Corporate Tax Return (Revenue $1M – $1.5M): $1,500/Year

*Bookkeeping Services (if necessary) are a separate fee based on complexity and transaction volume

Providing Tax Relief

Tier Three is the “Resolution” phase. Once it is established that all outstanding tax returns have been filed and processed, we will attempt to obtain tax relief based on material facts you present or that we uncover. Below is a list of tax relief strategies we typically use:

Tier Three Services

Penalty Abatement
Innocent Spouse Relief
Individual Installment Agreement
In Business Trust Fund (Payroll) Installment Agreement
Partial Payment Installment Agreement
Currently Not Collectible (CNC Status)
Offer in Compromise (OIC)

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