Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Did you ever prepare your tax return only to find out you have a surprisingly high tax bill? Were you disappointed by the mediocre explanation your accountant provided you with?

True tax doctors proactively discuss their clients tax matters year round to help them avoid these unnecessary and surprise tax bills. In addition,  true tax doctors also proactively recommend opportunities for reducing their clients tax bills.

Do you have a true Tax Doctor?

Whether you are looking for a simple consultation or a full blow professionally implemented plan with a side by side analysis of your current situation and the tax savings you could enjoy, we can help!

Many effective tax planning strategies involve careful review over your income as well as your investments and savings. For most taxpayers, using the wrong business entities or financial products are a leading cause of unnecessary tax bills and financial strain. Most of the time many of the issues we encounter were avoidable had the individual been given the right advice. It is often said that good advice does not come cheap and that bad advice can almost always be expensive – this certainly holds true for taxes. Our firm has the technical expertise in both taxes and financial planning which makes us a key differentiator from other advisors and a great addition to your team. Having one individual handling both your tax and financial situation is not only smart, it provides you with a trusted resource that can lookout for pitfalls on both sides of the tax planning equation. For more information on financial planning please review our dedicated financial planning website, BB Tax Advisory. Call Today!


Mike Feldman

Great experience, quick service, highly recommend!
These guys helped me make sense of my taxes that the big chains messed up.

Caroline Carden

Ely was very helpful and quick to get my taxes done! Within 24 hours my paperwork was done, signed, and delivered. He is very nice and was very available whenever I needed him. Will definitely use him again in the future.

Jennifer N.

I came to see Ely this week with a pretty tall order. I needed help with tax preparation, my 401k and getting my finances organized. Best decision I made all year! Ely was so helpful and took his time to explain everything. I finally feel on track! Thanks Ely! See you soon.