Income Tax Preparation

What is Income Tax Preparation?

Income Tax preparation is the process of putting together all your tax forms from a particular calendar year and putting together a report. This report is called an income tax return to the Federal and State authorities. Common forms include W-2’s and 1099’s.

A key difference between the experienced tax preparers at NY Tax Doctors in Sunnyside is our thoroughness with clients. Most clients don’t always know what tax deductions and credits that they are entitled to and therefore rely on the guidance of a seasoned professional. When in search of a good tax preparer, don’t compare price alone!

What Forms Do We Prepare?

We prepare and e-file  all of the following Federal, State, and Local tax returns for

• Individuals
• Partnerships and LLCs
• C Corporations
• S Corporations
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Estate/Trust Income tax
• Gift Tax Returns
• Estate Tax

Amended Return Services

Forget to claim a credit? Did not take a deduction you are entitled to?

Not to worry. We can discuss amending your previously filed tax returns to get you your refund.

Missing/Non-Filed Return Assistance

Haven’t filed a tax return in years?

We can help you avoid the traps and navigate you into compliance with the IRS. Don’t just file all your missing returns without speaking to a tx professional. Improper action could result in avoidable additions to your tax bill!

Please review our Tax Relief page for a review of the most common IRS tax debt resolution options available.

Estimated Tax Payments

Estimated taxes are critical to avoiding penalties and spreading out your tax payments throughout the year instead of all at once.
Estimated payments may also be required as part of an ongoing Installment Agreement (IA) established with the IRS.
Please see our Tax Relief Page for more information on Installment Agreements.
Payments are usually made quarterly.
We facilitate estimated tax payments for the IRS, New York State, and New York City.

Our prices are listed below:

• 1040-ES Federal estimated tax for Individuals (S Corportions and LLC’s) – $35/quarter
• IT-2105 – NY/NYC estimated tax payments for Individuals – $35/quarter
• NYC-5UB/NYC-5UBTI – Unincorporated Business taxes (Individuals/LLC’s/Partnerships) – $45/quarter
• 1120-W – Federal estimated tax for C Corporation – $35/quarter
• CT-400 – NY estimated tax for Corporations (C corp & S corp) – $45/quarter
• NYC-400 – NYC estimated tax for Corporations ( C Corp & S Corp) – $45/quarter

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Worried About Being Audited? Ask Us About Our Audit Protection Plan

Tax Audit Protection Plan


Mike Feldman

Great experience, quick service, highly recommend!
These guys helped me make sense of my taxes that the big chains messed up.

Caroline Carden

Ely was very helpful and quick to get my taxes done! Within 24 hours my paperwork was done, signed, and delivered. He is very nice and was very available whenever I needed him. Will definitely use him again in the future.

Jennifer N.

I came to see Ely this week with a pretty tall order. I needed help with tax preparation, my 401k and getting my finances organized. Best decision I made all year! Ely was so helpful and took his time to explain everything. I finally feel on track! Thanks Ely! See you soon.