We analyze and improve your tax return

We help improve your tax situation by explaining the “moving parts” and recommending specific steps to improve your tax situation. We call this service Tax Planning. Simply filing your taxes once a year isn’t good enough – it’s just a checkup.

You need to periodically review your tax situation and see ways in which you can improve it going forward. This is a major reason we are open year-round – to serve you and assist you in realizing these savings!

We are accountable to you

We know you are busy. We live in this world, too. That’s why we provide automated request lists to you for any missing forms. They are emailed to you and provide a daily reminder for any outstanding forms we are missing to complete your tax return. Never receive the runaround again!

We are licensed professionals

Our team consists of Enrolled Agents and CPAs. We consistently undergo continuing education to stay on top of the latest changes to the tax code. Don’t confuse your seasonal tax preparer with a licensed professional. Using an unlicensed tax preparer may be cheaper from the get-go but any errors could quickly end up costing you much more in penalties and interest. Getting your taxes done correctly the first time is ALWAYS cheaper than having to deal with a costly tax resolution case. Learn more about what your current tax preparer doesn’t want you to know.

We use technology so you no longer have to choose between convenience and service!

Clients love the convenience of virtual tax preparation provided by some of the national tax preparation firms. However, these chains rarely establish a personal relationship with their clients. Traditionally, if you needed service, it meant calling into a call center and having to explain your situation all over again. For a long time, the only alternative was taking a trip down to your local tax preparation firm. While you typically enjoy better service at a local tax preparation firm, convenience hasn’t been their strong suit.

To fill in this void we provide you with a secure online portal that stores all their current and prior tax returns and tax forms. This provides a secure way for us to securely exchange files and collaborate in real time! Never look too far for another copy of your W-2 or 1040! Its always live and available online, 24/7