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Trump Tax Plan: What You Need To Know

What the Trump Tax Plan Means for You? There has been much controversy surrounding the trump tax plan. This post is designed to take an impartial and fair review of the tax deal based on fact. We have no political biases and just wanted to share with you some key updates in the bill. In […]

27 December 2017


LLC Vs S-Corporation? We all know that both the corporate and LLC form provide limited liability to the owner. However, there are specific reasons to choose one entity over the other. What Are The Advantages Of An LLC? LLCs Have Less Filing And Compliance Costs In general, an LLC with only one member is treated […]

25 December 2017

Get Cash Out Of Your C-corporation And Avoid Double Taxation

What You Should Know About Avoiding Double Taxation There are many benefits to incorporating. For most people the liability protection alone is well worth it. Traditional C corporations are the premier entity for limited liability, raising capital, and attracting investors. However, with these benefits comes the pitfall of double taxation. This article is specifically written […]

23 December 2017